The Problem with Comfort

December 12, 2016

Comfort is often what we strive for. We want to live a "comfortable" life, with a "comfortable" earning, and a "comfortable" job.
But there's also harm in staying in what we call the "comfort zone". 
A lack of creativity and motivation, for starters. When we're so used to what we do in our daily lives, not only does everything just become habitual and tedious, we also lose the motivation to change or improve ourselves. We develop this mindset of, "well if everything I'm doing right now is working out, then why should I change anything?" I'm not saying that we need to constantly change our lives. I'm saying that we can't forget the drive and the passion that we had before we got to where we are today.
When I get too comfortable somewhere, I panic. I panic because I know that being comfortable also means being unmotivated. I stop trying. I stop putting in effort because I know that I only need to put in minimal effort to complete the task. Being comfortable means I'm not thinking. I'm not thinking of new ideas because the one I'm using works. I'm not thinking of ways to improve because I'm getting results that I'm okay with. I'm not thinking about meeting new people because hey? Why do I need new friends when I already have great ones?

At the same time though, we need comfort. We need to have a rest stop in our constant drive to go forward. Putting yourself in a constant state of pressure can lead to a horrible downfall...more on that in another post. But don't you see? The problem isn't with stopping to appreciate where you are aright now. The problem is when we get comfortable with our stop, and don't try to get back up.

I recently quit (one of) my job(s), and you can watch that happen here and watch my explanation video here. But doing that was actually what sparked me to write this post. If you watched the video, you would know that I quit mainly because of health reasons, and was honestly really bummed about leaving my job. It was just a simple juice/smoothie-making job, but I loved my working environment and it was a great break from the stress of school. While I'm still recovering from my sudden leave, I realize now that that job was a part of my comfort zone. At a certain point, the job became more of a routine than an exciting part of my life. I know it's not like I was going to make a career out of it, but...I don't know, not having that drive and motivation just made me want to move on.

Just the other day, I stepped out of my comfort zone and offered to pay for a stranger's drink. I was SO NERVOUS that the first time I got in line, I backed out and immediately went to a corner and texted my friend instead. The second time (literally an hour later), I somehow (still don't know how) mustered up the courage to approach a stranger in line and offered to pay for their drink. Long story short, I got to eat my chocolate croissant with pride and no regrets. Plus, I felt so happy and motivated afterwards!

Stepping out of your comfort zone is what fills your body with, not only nervousness, but also passion, happiness, drive, and excitement. You have to remember that everything you have right now, you earned because you stepped out of your comfort zone. Because I mustered up the courage to initiate a conversation and step out of my comfort zone, I have met some of my best friends. Life is weird though, so you can't expect every experience you have when you step out of your comfort zone, to be an amazing one. You may have some really horrible experiences, but guess what? You did it. You faced whatever you were afraid of and took it head on. 

Yes, shoving aside our fears and doubts is hard, but the outcome is, more often than not, always worth it. When did you step out of your comfort zone, and how did that change your life? (because I'm sure it did)


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