Garden Party

April 10, 2017

*Top: Old Navy /  *Pants: Old Navy /  *Shoes: Old Navy

How could you not immediately gravitate towards these pants? I had a serious moment with myself because I don't usually wear such bright colors, but after stalking Old Navy's instagram and their #SayHi campaign they had going on, I immediately picked them up. I literally feel like I'm walking on sunshine every time I have them on, and they remind me so much of Spring! They're incredible comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I paired it with a blouse and pointed heels for a business casual meeting, and it was the perfect amount of color to add to the outfit. For this casual look, I paired them with a light floral top and some chunky brown heels from Old Navy for some added height. But bare with me as I rave about these shoes.
They are the most comfortable things in the world. They're around 3.5 inches but they feel like they're only an inch high. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND. I'd also recommend stopping by your local Old Navy sometime soon! Their latest collections are so cute and their quality has gotten immensely better. 
It's Week 2 of Spring Quarter and it's like Spring Break never even happened. Blog posts will be coming soon about my time in Portland, Oregon.
However, I'm throwing myself head-first into clubs and other involvements on campus, so apologies if this blog doesn't remain consistently updated. If you adore consistency, head over and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. 
I hope you're all doing well!! While this blog has been placed on the back burner, it still has a meaningful place in my heart and I'll be posting as much as I can :)

* Disclaimer: I received a sponsored gift card from Old Navy in exchange for a social post. However all opinions are always my own! 


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