The Beauty of Simplicity

July 28, 2017

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*Top: Old Navy  /  Jeans: American Eagle  /  *Watch: JORD Watches

It's insane how much a simple accessory can add to an outfit. I recently received this beautiful engraved wood watch from JORD watches the other day and have been wearing it as much as I can! Unfortunately the face ended up a little too big on me, so I'll probably give it to my brother or something. But oh my gosh the packaging itself was incredible! The watch came in a wooden box that had a magnetic lid and drawer...insane. I could not stop gasping as I was unboxing this in my room.
I decided to go more casual with my outfit so I paired the watch with a simple embroidered white top from Old Navy, some loose boyfriend jeans, and gold gladiator sandals to tie the whole look together. The watch added a hint of sophistication to the look that wasn't there before.
Honestly I can't rave enough about this watch! it's incredibly light and is actually really comfortable in hot temperatures. I was afraid that it would get too slippery or uncomfortable but it stayed on my wrist and felt great throughout the day. I also couldn't stop staring at it throughout the day. The colors are gorgeous and it's so unique! It's incredible how well-made this watch is.
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What's a timeless piece in your wardrobe?


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