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October 23, 2013

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Dear Diary,

OKAY I guess that's what I'm calling this. 
Today (8-22-13) we arrived at Livorno, Italy! Our tour today was going to be going for Florence, and Pisa. The first pictures show our first stop! We stopped at a plaza and ate at Finisterrae. OF COURSE we had to try the gelato, I mean come on, when in Rome right? I love that they provided cute little wafer crackers to go with them too! I picked chocolate chip, and my little brother chose chocolate. 
We (as in the tour guide, my family, my friend's family, and others) strolled around Florence, repeatedly stopping so we could digest new information about this foreign city. 

Seeing the Leaning Tower of, I can't even tell you how it felt. To be able to see it in person, with my very own eyes, after years of staring at it from a computer screen? I had a ton of fun taking those stereotypical, "Oh, I'm making the tower lean", pictures. I ended up purchasing a cute wine-colored, braided leather bracelet at one of the little stands that were lined up like ants along the sidewalk! 

Also, since I didn't take official outfit pictures every day (since we are mostly on tours, I was on a time limit! Even though I really really really wanted to take pictures ): ) I'm trying to find pictures of my outfit in my bundle of pictures! But yes, this outfit picture was taken in a cute cafe in Florence! It was actually really hot in Italy, and with all the walking, I was sweating, BASICALLY 24/7.  I know, what a disgusting image.

The last picture is a picture of the ocean that I took from my balcony room (in Norwegian Epic) that I shared with my friend, Mindy! idk I thought it was interesting that even though it was pitch black outside, when I took the picture with no flash, it turned out like this. 

Then Mindy and I went out partying yep how unusual for me. Came back, did some APLang Summer homework while watching tv, and k n o c k e d  o u t.

until next time,


  1. Hey girl! Wow, that is amazing that you are in Italy! Gosh I bet it's even more beautiful in person. Love these pictures and yessss shoot for some outfit posts when you can, I'm sure they would be epic. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and have a great trip!

  2. Love the place, great photos too. :)
    Thank you for visiting my page. Following you now, follow back? :) ♥

  3. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your trip :)


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