Travel Diary #2 | So...Marseille

December 27, 2013

Dear Diary,

Today (8-23-13) we stopped at Marseille, France! I wasn't sure what large landmarks and whatnot there was to look forward to here, since; to be honest, before this trip I didn't even hear about Marseille. Like all of Europe, Marseille was BEAUTIFUL. The buildings had a very victorian feel to them, and I fell in love with it more and more. 
The people there are definitely not the friendliest; however. (Did not have the best customer service in So...Marseille) 
We decided to take a tour to Notre Dame, and the view was absolutely incredible. 

I just really miss Europe.

until next time,


  1. It looks amazing!! WOW! Beautiful pictures :) X

  2. Swoon! It is breathtakingly beautiful here - I love the architecture!!


  3. <3333 amazing view


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