Rolling in Gold

December 24, 2014

Flannel: Forever 21  /  Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21  /  Shoes: Vans  /  Necklace: c.o infinitine
Photography by Lhoycel Marie & my brother

I'm proud to post my second batch of pictures from my Local Wolves shoot! My brother was taking pictures on the side while Lhoycel was doing her magic. I had a lot of favorites from that shoot so I apologize (but not really) for the uber long post! I linked the issue below in case you guys were interested in seeing, yours truly, in a magazine.
This outfit was created for the fall time but honestly with California's "Winter", this could very well be a winter outfit. At night, just throw on a fur vest and swap the Vans for chelsea boots and you're golden.

A quick explanation for the title:
"Rolling": Since my shirt literally looks like a pajama top, therefore, rolling out of bed.
"Gold": I don't know but I think my use of the word "golden" is the reason for this one.

Sorry for disappearing! My math project took away my entire social life and all of my energy AND I actually had a new outfit to post but I realized too late that they were shot using the lowest quality :-) So great.

Reshooting that today though!

Happy Holidays!


  1. Nice look :)


  2. A fan of the beautiful shade on the plaid and the ripped jeans and the sneakers gives the outfit a cool, casual, and effortless vibe. The scenery is so pretty too! You look stunning
    "The Odd Adventures of Caitlin Doyle" on THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-


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