2014, You Were Solid

January 10, 2015

from left to right by row: 1. Beyoncé concert  /  2. Disneyland with Amanda  /  3. Sunrise & Donuts  /  4. Seeing my boys  /  5. COLTON HAYNES.  /  6. Old Memories

No matter what moment is captured, it never compares to the exact thing you felt at that time...and yet, most of us take pictures more than actually live in the moment. I feel like I post enough outfit pictures, so I decided to show you guys some snippets of my life that was captured via iPhone camera and uploaded onto Instagram (follow me for more!) This blog did start off as more of a diary, after all.
  1. Wow flashback to when I was in the presence of Queen B. The concert at Rose Bowl Stadium was...unforgettable, to say the least. My range of concerts would consist of One Direction and...One Direction. This concert was not filled with screaming teenage girls, but still with people who loved the same music and respected the same artists. Beyoncé (and I try not to use this word often but) slaaayyyeedd it. Let's be honest did anyone expect anything less? (also I may have shed a tear or two)
  2. Through YouTube, I've made so many friends and Amanda is one of them! She's actually...basically...my only asian YouTube friend. But we spent the day at Disneyland when she came over and it was so so so great. I miss her.
  3. Senior Sunrise is a Senior tradition. After unsuccessfully trying to find a ride, one of my best friends and I decided to run to our local donut shop at 5 a.m., climb on top of my roof, and watch the sun rise. It was magical and definitely something that I will never regret doing.
  4. HOW COULD I NOT INCLUDE THIS. I had the amazing chance to see my boys perform at Rose Bowl on September 13th. They were flawless and I honestly love them so much, I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm really really upset that I won't be able to attend OTRA in San Diego though...pretty sure FOUR is now my new all-time favorite album.
  5. yo. COLTON.HAYNES.TWEETED.ME. I'm obsessed with him, he's the best.
  6. This past summer was probably one of my favorites. Pictured here are Bianca and Jordan. We met through YouTube, and I was finally able to meet them back in June at Vidcon! I miss them so much.
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I wanted to start of my year on my blog with a little looking back on some things that happened. I only took a few from my instagram so these pictures only show a small piece of everything. 

What's something that happened this year that you will never forget?


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  2. great pictures sweety ;)

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  3. Cute post! It's cool that Colton Haynes tweeted you! xo


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