That One Time Where I Fell In Love..

April 30, 2015 New York, NY, USA

 Central Park
 Chalait with Analisa
 Top of the Rock
Sweater: Forever 21  /  Coat: Mom's Closet  /  Scarf: Charlotte Russe  /  Shoes: Steve Madden

Today's adventure started with a subway ride towards Rockefeller to pick up our Top of the Rock tickets! Stepping into Midtown (is that what it is called?? I'm clearly still confused about the lingo) was a total change of scenery. It was so much more vibrant, active, and busy than Tribeca...although that probably had to do with the infinite amount of tourists lingering around Times Square. After picking up our tickets, we walked over to the glorious Central Park.
Honestly, is it just me, or does New York always have the perfect lighting? This has been my go-to outfit in New York so...SORRY.
At around 2 p.m., my family and I took the subway over to Chalait (in West Village) where I was meeting Analisa (rackandrouge). I've followed her blog for such a long time, but then we became friends and we finally met! In New York of all places. And yes, she is just as lovely in person. 
IT WAS THEN TIME TO GO BACK TO TOP OF THE ROCK. I can't even explain or describe my excitement, guys. It was SO beautiful. I took so many pictures there, it was ridiculous. I think it was then, that I realized how much I loved New York.
We ended the night by going over to Queens so that my mom could catch up with her high school classmates. 
But I fell asleep at around 3 a.m.
I have to wake up in 4 hours. 
Great job, Shirley.


  1. You look lovely! I adore your coat:) X

  2. Love this coat. Nice pics. xx

  3. nice pics of coat

  4. I'd love to visit New York one day. Looks pretty chilly over there at the moment. Mom's closet always has the best coats! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. I think it may be warming up now though! And yes, true that! ahhaha x

  6. Perfect coat for NYC! It looks like you had an incredible time, I loooove New York! Great shots!

    xx Chelsea

  7. How cute are you! This is such a fun post and you look beyond chic!!

    XO Courtney


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