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April 16, 2015 New York, NY, USA

Touchdown in gloomy New York!

Freeman Alley

Part 1: The tumblr goals have been achieved.

 ⌲ The Apartment by The Line
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✎ Not only is my brother a wonderful one, who takes all of my blog pictures & helps film my youtube videos, but he is not too shabby of a "gaze out the window" model

 ⌲ Duane Street Hotel

✎ I found this as we were walking to SoHo. Then I proceeded to take pictures with the ground for 10 minutes. I mean...what else was I supposed to do???

Part 2: The tumblr goals have been achieved.

✎ I was so excited to find a nearby vegan place to eat (see evidence here). Unfortunately it turned out to be the opposite of appetizing. Maybe it's because I don't like that sort of flavoring, but there was too much mix of sweet, sour, and bland for me. But hey if you like it, good on ya!

 ⌲ Sun In Bloom

New York. 
The city I've always subconsciously dreamed of living in...but was too scared to admit it. The city that I finally visited. The city that I...completely...fell in love with. 
Damn it. 
This past week, my family and I hopped on a plane and flew over to chilly New York. We were there because I was attending NYU's Admitted Student's Welcome Day (woot), so we used that as an excuse to go on vacation. We stayed at the Duane Street Hotel in Tribeca, which turned out to be the perfect location. It was so close to the subway, SoHo, Ground Zero, NYU, and Chinatown, which made everything so convenient! We arrived at around 7 a.m., and after getting settled, our first stop was Ground Zero. It was truly amazing to see the site in person, and I didn't take any pictures just because it didn't feel right...
Then we headed off to Chinatown (honestly, is anyone surprised), in search of a good restaurant that had some hot noodle soup (it was 40 degrees okay, we are from California so we were freezing). Afterwards, I decided to hit up all of the places that I've always wanted to take a picture at. 
First stop: Freeman Alley
I remember always seeing this place on Tumblr and being so amazed because how can anything be so perfect? When we turned the corner into this alleyway, it's as if the Tumblr gods parted and said "You have arrived at the most photogenic place on Earth"...or something like that. After awkwardly standing in front of the entrance for a good 5 minutesI am not lying, a guy even asked me if I was coming in, to which I awkwardly replied, "Um no, just. um. yeah. later?", *facepalm*we headed off to SoHo!! 
It was really cool to see all of the stores (totally took a picture of Acne Studios from afar, and then proceeded to walk away quickly). After 8 hours of walking along the streets of New York, we accomplished everything I planned for the day, and headed back to the hotel. Lunch was some (4/10) vegan food for me while everyone took a nap. We were so lazy and tired that we ended up eating at a restaurant across the street hahaha.
Overall, Day 1 was so much fun. Day 2 comin' up soon!
I hope you guys enjoy this travel diary series :) 
Comment below your favorite vacation spot!

P.S. No outfit posts for today! Totally forgot :( Also...vlog coming soon.


  1. awww sounds like an amazing vacay. Good luck and congrats on NYU! i so wanna go to NY.

    xo, Carla

  2. I know how you feel. I was just in a little town in Italy and I'm totally smitten. Love these photos!

  3. it really was :) Thank you so much! I hope you go there one day!!

  4. haha yes it's so beautiful! Thank you :)


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