The Reality of Expectations

August 24, 2016

The perfect amount of red, and the truth about having expectations. Does it ruin us or does actually make us better? Click below for more thoughts. 

Top: Zara  /  Skirt: Brandy Melville  /  Shoes: Steve Madden  /  Rings: H&M

Guys and girls!!!!! I think these are my favorite photos that my brother has ever taken! 
This outfit was actually taken on Valentine's Day, and I thought it contained the perfect amount of red. Also- who else is in love with this top? If you've been following Classified Closet for a while, you would know that I love reading. Books provide me that quick getaway from reality, allowing me to escape to some made-up world with real-world problems (that are, thankfully, not mine). For others, films bring that brief escape, if only for an hour or two. I've been viewing my life and my experiences like a film lately. Every time the sun sets, or the wind blows against my hair, I imagine it in slow motion (I know, I'm so dramatic).

Random tangent: What are your thoughts on expectations? Should we not have expectations for others because we get let down easily if they do not do what we had hoped for them to do? But at the same time, should we have expectations for ourselves? Or is the mere concept of an expectation just plain wrong? It is leading up to false hope, pressure, and stress...right? 
But at the same time, don't our expectations for ourselves drive us to do better?

Let me know your thoughts below! Would really love to get a conversation going about this. :) 

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