August in Snapshots

September 5, 2016

My friend recently started a new personal blog and after reading her posts, I realized how much I miss writing posts like that. After all, Classified Closet started back in my middle school years, when this blog was my virtual diary. I really want to bring that aspect back onto this blog and so I decided to start a new series where I posted my favorite/most memorable pictures from the previous month. No fancy shmancy photos taken with my DSLR, instead, these will all be iPhone pictures with extensive (and sometimes not so extensive) editing.
Hence the title- August in Snapshots. 

There's always that one month of summer where it just feels like time has absolutely flown by and suddenly when you're in your room just doing your thing when you're suddenly hit with the slap of reality and you can't do anything except sit there and're halfway through Summer break. Then before you know it, you're back at a lecture hall with your new notebook laid out on the wooden table in front of you, trying to determine if you should go to office hours or not.  August was that month for me. Except...instead of regretting the time that passed and thinking that it went by far too quickly, I think it was the perfect amount of time and I'm more surprised as to how many events & goals I managed to achieve in one month. Life is so good. 

AUGUST 8-18, 2016

Oh man, August started off on the best foot. After coming back home from vacation and doing absolutely nothing, I had an itch to apply for a job, internship, anything. Initially, I didn't want to do this because I'd only be home for a month or so...who would want to hire someone for that amount of time? After searching high and low on the internet for job postings, I decided to take matters into my own hands and compile a list of brands & companies that I would love to work for. Once that was done, I emailed every single one of them.
SUSI Studio was one of the few that contacted me back and oh my goodness am I grateful for them. Despite it being an incredibly short internship (for reasons that I won't explain...but I didn't get fired!!!), I learned so much from them. I'm so thankful to have been working in such a positive environment with the most inspiring women. If you guys don't know, SUSI Studio is a vegan & conscious show brand. They have the cutest vegan shoes, which is surprisingly hard to find.

People always ask me what I want to do in the future, and instinctually, I almost always reply, "I don't know, something in fashion?" On a starry night in New Zealand, my friends asked me this question again. Except, my reaction to my answer was different. Did I even want to work in fashion? I had absolutely no experience in it other than blogging and youtube. It was this moment that catapulted me into finding a job/internship in the fashion industry. I'll never know if I even wanted to work in fashion or not if I didn't do it.
Therefore, I think the most important thing I learned from this internship was that I love working in this industry, but I want to work with a brand that is conscious about its environmental impact and is ethically produced. Which, if you know anything about the fashion industry, is a little hard to come by.

These pictures were taken on my first day on the job!! We worked at a community work place and omg it was so beautiful (as you can clearly see). 

AUGUST 10, 2016
One of my best friends (who I've known for over 11 years...crazy) lives up in San Francisco, so despite the fact that we spent 5 weeks traveling together just a two weeks ago, we always try to spend as much time together as possible while she's back home. We headed to the Broad on this day, and it was my second time & her first! The queue was so much shorter this time around, and we met a really cool girl while waiting in the queue. A bunch of vegan youtubers walked by while we were waiting and it was so cool. Surprisingly, I didn't freak out as much as I thought I would? Maybe my fangirl habits have gone down ever since One Direction went on break ( :( ). But I literally looked over and just thought "...??...!!!!" and that was it.
BUT, the Broad was cool as always! Unfortunately we couldn't go to the infinity mirror room because the wait time was too long. Afterwards, we ended up heading to Cafe Gratitude for lunch. I got a humble bowl, which is my absolute favorite thing from Cafe Gratitude. So filling and the flavors are so delicious.

AUGUST 13, 2016
Meet two more best friends!! We started our day by having brunch at a cute cafe called "Green Bliss". We talked about future businesses and dreams over waffles and sandwiches. ideal brunch conversation topic. After that, we walked over to Dripp where we all ordered Athena-T and took pictures on a fountain. I think a spontaneous shopping trip happened on our walk back to the car too.
I love days like this. So carefree, so easygoing, and so simple. It's really all about the people you're with, folks.

AUGUST 15, 2016

Ahh what a fun fun day!! I got to meet up with my friend Chae from Inspinkle, which by the way, if you haven't checked out her blog yet, you need to go over there right now and say hello!! She has the best posts and is the sweetest person. We wanted to collaborate on a blog/video and decided to do one all about what to do on Melrose (blog post HERE & video HERE). 
Since we lived in opposite directions, we met up at LA Union Station and headed straight for Urth Caffe on Melrose. After having brunch there, we walked over to Alfred Tea Room. I talk more about my newfound love for this place here, but long story short- this place definitely lives up to the hype. We walked over to Alfred Coffee, the pink wall, and the Made in LA wall shortly after. Our time together came to an end as we parted ways back at Union station.
AND THEN, I ran from the train to my car, hoping and praying that I locked my car door. yeah. (I did)

AUGUST 19, 2016

Monica and I met up again to hang out and grab some tea. We went over to Zero Express and picked up a Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea (hers) + Jasmine Milk Tea (mine & it was with non-dairy creamer). was amazing? Highly recommend this place, their teas were so good!
Once we finished our drinks, I drove around trying to find a location to film her outfit for my new video. We settled on a faded pink/white garage door and then proceeded to have an impromptu photoshoot around the neighborhood. As we took pictures in front of some bushes at some random person's house, a car pulled up right in front of the house's door and that's when we ran because...embarrassing. We piled into my car and we ended up filming two videos for a new series that's going to be on my channel (SO EXCITED BTW). 
i love her and i love my friends and i love life.

AUGUST 29, 2016

Welcome to the day my life changed forever. (maybe a tad bit dramatic but like...this is some life-changing food right here)
Today Kristine and I met up again to go for a food adventure in LA! Our first stop was By Chloe in Silverlake and wow...stomach is literally grumbling as I write about this place.
First of all- the interior is 10/10, you could take a picture at any direction + angle and it will look GREAT on your instagram feed.
I ordered the Guacamole Burger because I've heard so many good things about it, and had the Sweet Potato Fries along with it (which I dipped in BEET KETCHUP. interesting but amazing stuff). Kristine got a Matcha Iced Tea & the Quinoa Taco Bowl and I literally saw her get so taken aback by how good the bowl was. (seriously. she took a bite and then her eyes widened as she paused and said "oh my god."). 
After stuffing our faces with food, we headed to the back of the parking lot so I could film her outfit for my video (what is this video I keep talking about? Find out HERE!!) Another impromptu photo shoot occurred and it was great.

Originally, our plan for today was to eat at By Chloe and then head to Donut Friend for dessert. Unfortunately, Donut Friend was closed. Very fortunately, Donut Farm was open. And delicious. It was honestly overwhelming how delicious it was. We also got a sugar rush two bites into our donuts. 
I picked up a half dozen- matcha green tea, vanilla cookie, chocolate cookie, chocolate coconut, coconut whiteout, original glaze.
Kristine picked up half a dozen original glaze, & two others- candycap (which is a mushroom but when mixed with sugar, tastes like maple. this is all true by the way, I tried it and it! tastes! like! maple!) and green tea I think? or strawberry..don't really remember.

But I loved this day so much and @KRISTINE!! I can't wait to see you soon and stuff our faces with food again.

AUGUST 30, 2016

While I love days where I'm out exploring the city with my friends, I also love simple days where the we just sit down and edit together. Today, Monica & I headed back to Dripp to get our creativity on!! We sat in those two chairs for four hours, me- editing my (again) NEW VIDEO, and her- making & editing some graphics and pictures. We drove over to the Burger Parlor afterwards for some post-work fries (which were SO good).

AUGUST, in short.
In reality, August was the only month of Summer break that I would be at home. Because of that, I think that's why I tried to cram as much as possible within that month. At the same time though, everything didn't feel crammed? I feel like everything was so spaced apart and I actually got a lot of work done, hung out with a lot of people, and accomplished a lot of goals without everything feeling too rushed.
August started out with my determination to chase after my passions and ended with me continuing one of my other passions. It was such a great month and 


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