Finding My Perfect Top

July 31, 2019 Los Angeles

Do you ever purchase a new clothing item and then wonder how you ever lived that long without owning that piece of clothing? Because...that totally just happened to me.

Top: Madewell (similar) / Jeans: Everlane  / Backpack: Ross /  Earrings: Mejuri / Scarf: Old Navy (similar) / Shoes: Old Navy

I purchased this blue gingham top from Madewell a few months ago and oh my goodness, it has taken everything in me not to wear it every single day. I got it when Madewell had their extra 30% off sale so it only came out to around $25 which I thought was such a steal. It’s the perfect top because the material is really lightweight so it’s great for all seasons! However I will say that I’ve only worn it with jeans, but I think it would be really cute with a skirt or a pair of shorts too.

On this day, I was just heading out with my family for some dim sum, so I paired it with my trusty Everlane jeans, black mules, and a cute backpack! It was perfect but I was also so paranoid that I was going to get soy sauce on my shirt lol. It’s so hard because I want to wear this shirt everywhere but that just increases the risk of it getting dirty!!

Oh well. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

I hope you’re all having a great day! I cannot believe it’s going to be August tomorrow. Time is seriously flying by so is it almost 2020. It’s also weird to think that this normally would be my last month of summer before school, but I don’t have any school to go back to. Although I have been thinking about taking the GRE or GMAT but haven’t figured out when I would want to do that.

We’ll see where life takes me but as far as I'm concerned, I’m loving life and things are going pretty freaking great right now :) Talk soon!


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  1. Madewell tops are just soooo good! Love the gingham!


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