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July 24, 2019

I recently became ~that~ person that has their airpods in, walking around listening to a podcast about startups, self-care, and entrepreneurs. Now that I'm commuting around an hour every day, I’m usually able to squeeze in 1-2 episodes and TRULY I have never loved driving more. If you're just getting into the podcast-game or if you've been a long time listener, here are a few of my favorite ones at the moment!

1) THE SKINNY CONFIDENTIAL // HIM & HER (health, business, beauty...everything)

If you're looking for a light-hearted podcast with insightful information about literally anything and everything, this is perfect for you! Lauryn and Michael are such a power duo and touch on topics like health, business, beauty, and relationships. I love how in-depth and detailed they get because it makes their tips feel more tangible. A majority of their episodes are interviews with experts or celebrities who share their experiences, tips, life stories, and advice. 

⚡️Listen to this podcast if you want something fun to listen to, but where you’ll also get a ton of valuable information. Honestly their episodes are always super motivational for me especially as I am really interested in health, wellness, and self-growth.


Blogging, Unscripted is one of my favorite blogging podcasts to listen to. The host, Danielle Gervino, is a life and style blogger and she gives the best advice! While I try and listen to podcasts in the car, this is one of the few ones that I wait until I'm at home and can sit with paper and pen to jot down notes.

⚡️Listen to this podcast if you’re just starting out a blog, an Instagram, a YouTube channel (honestly any online media platform), because Blogging, Unscripted is so helpful. Danielle covers topics like marketing, pitching, the *algorithm*, and other ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of your content! I’ve already implemented a couple of her tips for Instagram and am really excited to start working more on this blog too 💕

3) IMPACT THEORY (business, mindset, wellness)

Oh my gosh I don’t even remember how I found Impact Theory but wow. This is probably the densest podcast series I’ve ever listened to. Each episode is filled with a ton of information that is detail-oriented and rich with inspiration (literally just listen to the way that Tom introduces the guest on any episode and you’ll get an idea of how much value each episode has).

⚡️Listen to this podcast if you need some motivation, are having trouble finding your passion or your why in life (but also keeping in mind that it’s totally okay and everyone has their own timeline), want to become healthier (both mentally and physically), or just want to better yourself in general!

*There’s also a video component to some of the episodes on the YouTube channel if you’re more of a visual person. He also has series like Relationship Theory, AMA (ask me anything), and Health Theory (a personal favorite of mine).

4) JUST A TIP (advice, comedy)

Ok lowkey another reason why I love Fridays is because there’s a new Just A Tip episode and I always end up playing it first even though I have a list of 15 episodes in my queue. Just A Tip is an advice podcast hosted by Megan Batoon, but if you’re legitimately looking for advice, I’ll tell you right now that you’ll probably only hear Megan + the guest answer like...2 questions. BUT HONESTLY, not even mad about it because I’m really just there for the conversation and the dynamic between the two of them. 

I’ve been subscribed to Megan for years and love not only how genuine she is, but also her drive and her sense of humor. Also style. Girl has nice style.

⚡️Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for something light-hearted to listen to and if you want to look like a maniac laughing by yourself in your car. 

🎧a few of my favorite episodes (honestly love them all though)

5) THE GOOP PODCAST (mindset, growth)

Not sure how I came across this podcast either, but in the goop podcast, the host Elise Loehnen interviews and chats with “leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors--from doctors to creatives, CEOs to spiritual healers.” I’m going to be honest, I don’t listen to every single episode, but I wanted to include it because I listened to an episode recently that HONESTLY flipped my perspective on a lot of things (listed below and will be in my Favorites video on Sunday).

⚡️Listen to this podcast if you’re looking for motivation or a way to soak in some more knowledge. There are new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, and topics range a lot so there’s something for everything.

🎧a few of my favorite episodes
How To Prototype Your Life
Why You Should Follow Your Envy


I love podcasts because I'm able to multi-task so easily. I can learn while ticking off items on my to-do list like cooking, running errands, driving, honestly even scrolling through Instagram. I also have a bunch of other podcasts that I’m subscribed to and that I frequently listen to, but I thought I’d cap it off at five for now! Please comment below any podcast recommendations you may have, I’m always looking for more 💫

See you next Wednesday!



  1. Omg i recently have been meaning to find podcasts to listen to while driving. This couldnt have come in a more perfect time. I'll try to check these out! Thanks for the recs!!

    1. Hi Mo :~)
      but yes, if you really check them out, let me know what you think!!

  2. Finding new podcasts are my fave!


    1. It's the best!! Let me know if you have any favs you would recommend!


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